The Next Fifteen Minutes


The next fifteen minutes of your life will most likely be different than mine. While I sit at my desk and worry about the Anatomy and Physiology test I will take in the next fifteen minutes that I feel extremely ill-prepared for, I wonder about the people around me. What are they going through in the next fifteen minutes?

Many of us know that the next fifteen minutes will pass by and time will continue on.  But, how many of us realize that every passing second of our lives, someone, somewhere, is going through something? How many of us know that the next fifteen minutes in someone else’s world could be life changing? And, how many of us can become humbled by that simple thought?

From where I sit in front of this computer typing this blog, I can only imagine the joy, pain, or sorrow that so many of us are going through. And, as I worry about passing a simple test, my mother is worrying about my grandfather’s cancer and what their next step will be. But, what about the patients we care so much about on hospice? And, what about their caregivers?

In the next fifteen minutes, a daughter may find out her mother has cancer or a grandson may find out his grandfather can no longer care for himself and needs hospice assistance. No matter what your next fifteen minutes consists of, remember to think of others such as our clinical staff working in the heat to provide relief to our patients. Think of our office staff who may be enduring a difficult situation at home or even a friend who just needs someone to listen.

When nothing else arises, simply take the next fifteen minutes to say a little prayer for those around you or even just for yourself. We can use the power of prayer to our advantage in any circumstance.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to feel defeated in the presence of tragedy, but the Lord himself will NEVER allow us to fail. Working in hospice is a gift that we, ourselves, cannot give nor receive. We are called to do this.

How will you choose to serve in the next fifteen minutes?  

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