Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen Combos soon to disappear.

avatar By Andy Milligan RN, BSN, CHPN
President and CEO of Solaris Hospice.

Guest Post by Solaris Pharmacist Sandy Simmons, PharmD.

Many Hydrocodone/acetaminophen combos will disappear… for good.

This is due to the phase out of all Rx combo analgesics that contain more than 325 mg of acetaminophen per tablet or capsule.  This also effects Esgic-Plus, some strengths of Percocet, and others.

Acetaminophen is the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S…. and it’s often due to unintentional overdoses of RX combo analgesics.

Manufacturers will start to discontinue or reformulate hydrocodone products that contain higher doses of acetaminophen.

In fact, Vicodin, Vicodin ES, and Vicodin HP will soon contain just 300 mg of acetaminophen per tab.. Instead of 325 mg like some generics.

Advise prescribers to write for generic hrydrocodone with 325 mg of acetaminophen instead.

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