An Extraordinary Purpose

avatar By Steven Lorenz
IT Director

About four months ago I found myself an unlikely participant in an unlikely situation, after having endured the unlikeliest of journeys. At the end of October, three members of Solaris (Andy Milligan, Luke Oyler, and Robbie Surratt) and I boarded a plane in Dallas and made our way towards Nepal. We were traveling halfway around the world in order to help a non-profit organization, MountainChild, bring medical care to the people of the Himalayas. It was an extraordinary opportunity to serve an extraordinary purpose.

We spent about a week trekking through the mountains with a diverse team and holding medical camps at various places along the way. The trek alone could inspire hundreds of blog posts that still would not cover all that we experienced. Suffice it to say that by the time the trek ended, the four of us were keenly aware we had left the mountains as changed men. It had been decided long before our boots hit the trail that we would spend our last Nepali night unwinding in a hotel in Thamel, a popular tourist district in Kathmandu. The team at MountainChild had already planned to take our large group to that area for a day of shopping, so it worked out well for the four of us to say our goodbyes and split off. Read More »


Solaris Team Returns From Nepal

Recently, a Solaris team of 7 men returned from the country of Nepal. They spent 9 days hiking through the Himalayas carrying hope in the form of medical care to some of the most remote villages in the area.  They worked among the Tibetan people living in northern Nepal and were only half a mile from the border of Tibet some days. It was a successful trip and Solaris is proud to have been a part of improving the health and education in this remote area of Nepal. A video giving more detail on the trip will be posted soon but for now enjoy these few images from the trip.


Video from the 2011 Nepal Missions trip.

Carrying Hope to Nepal from Solaris Hospice on Vimeo.

Photos from the 2011 Nepal Missions trip.