Panama-ramic View

avatar By Andy Milligan RN, BSN, CHPN
President and CEO of Solaris Hospice.

Our number one passion at Solaris without question is cutting edge palliative medicine. Not far behind that comes a long standing heart and love for overseas missions work, specifically medical outreach. Solaris has taken medical teams (including non-medical members) to 4 different countries in the last 5 years. You can read more about those trips as well as view photos and video over on our missions page. Billy Mahoney, who serves as videographer, editor, and graphic designer for Solaris, joined us on our trip to Panama. This is his story.

Billy Mahoney

When someone says “Panama”, you probably think of the Van Halen song. If not, then I applaud you. When I think of Panama, I think of a country that brought an experience to me that I never thought I would have the pleasure of encountering. In August of 2009 I was taken along as a videographer for a mission trip that was made possible by Solaris. I had never been on a mission trip. I had never even been out of the country (aside from Mexico). I honestly had no idea what I was going to see or what to expect.

The day before we were scheduled to leave I had flu-like symptoms and felt like twenty miles of bad road. Lucky for me I work with some of the best medical specialists a person could ask for. Whatever they gave me could only be described as unicorn tears mixed with pure magic because it knocked the sick right out of me. The day we landed in Panama I was as close to 100% as I could be. The trip could officially begin. Read More »



Video for the 2009 Panamanian Missions trip.

Panama Mission from Solaris Hospice on Vimeo.

Photos for the 2009 Panamanian Missions trip.